Do you want to be one of the 20 teams participating in the 2020 NZ Startup Bootcamp?

We had a huge number of teams apply from all over New Zealand in 2019. You can enter as an Existing Startup or a New Idea. Ten teams for each category will be chosen to take part in the action packed weekend. 

These were the 2019 top 20 Teams

Top 10 Startups Category

Top 10 New Idea Category

Magpie Pulp

Magpie Pulp is a publisher that crowdfunds production costs of its books in advance through pre-sales, and thereafter sells books online and through retailers. Magpie is committed to producing ‘books that matter’, that is, books that make a positive contribution. As part of this, Magpie is giving a portion of its profits on every book to a cause dear to its authors’ hearts.

Location: Auckland

Team: Clare Shaw, Lisette du Plessis, Theresa Brady, Dylan du Plessis

Beyond Your Belly

Beyond Your Belly is an online ketogenic weight loss programme for men that burns body fat safely and quickly using nothing but natural delicious 'man-food' - no celery sticks and no guessing - full meal plans, shopping lists and recipes.

Location: Waikato

Team: Michael Briggs, Tony Brunton


Fanclub is a new way to fundraise. You buy your life insurance online, and every year. Fanclub gives you 10% cashback and pass on another 10% to your favourite cause or club.

Location: Waikato

Team: Hannah Johnston, Mike Johnston


VoxPop is a radio studio in your pocket. It is a unique voice-driven social media platform for radio shows to interact with their audience. It saves producers time, satisfies audience desire to interact and results in a superior sounding product.

Location: Hawkes Bay

Team: Peter Fowler, Michelle Macaskill, Alan Smith


Gutsy sell small, batch brewed, delicious artisan Kombucha in the Waikato. Their flavours are as bold as their healthy probiotics are bountiful and that’s what, they say, sets them apart. The bold flavours made from fresh potent juices, chosen for their gut healing properties.

Location: Waikato

Team: Kim Endres, Robyn Richardson, Kevin Endres


New Zealand has a great healthcare system and unfortunately, due to geographical remoteness, social isolation and financial difficulties, not all New Zealanders are getting the healthcare that they need. I-con closes that gap enabling access to healthcare.

Location: Waikato

Team: Mana HugganPaul Huggan, Eilidh Huggan

RH Innovation Ltd

Given the importance of precision farming, RH Innovation Ltd, have come up with a revolutionary way to measure soil moisture, salinity and NPK using cost effective sensors and effectively gather information with unprecedented ease. 

Location: Waikato

Team: Rahat Hasan, Tyler Crabtree, Bismarck Simeon, Cooper Stephenson

Luna Periods

Luna gets girls sorted for their first and next periods through education and subscription services. We serve facts up straight and prepare girls for this important life stage by demystifying and de-stigmatising periods to ensure all girls have positive period experiences.

Location: Auckland

Team: Kelly Gregor, Jane Evans


VxT are developing a voicemail inbox app which converts users’ voicemails to text and gives users smart tools to deal with a large amount of voicemail. VxT plan to offer their service on two monthly subscription plans with different levels of functionality.

Location: Christchurch

Team: Luke Campbell, Lucy Turner, Lachlan Maclean


Lonelyseat is a peer-to-peer delivery platform that utilises spare space in vehicles to deliver stuff. The driver gets paid for taking something when they are heading that way anyway and the sender gets items delivered cheaper, faster and in a more personable way. 

Location: Waikato

Team: Riki ManarangiLiam Blackwell,

Samantha LeeStafford HodgsonJacki SherwoodDavid JordanJannaha HenryAndy Zhao

A Bunch of Bankers

A Bunch of Bankers want to create and host a platform that allows people to find others that are interested in jointly purchasing an asset. This could range from going halves on a boat to looking for three others to purchase a local café.

The platform would automatically generate the legal documents and guide the clients to any other applicable providers such as insurers or financial institutions should they be require.

Location: Waikato

Team: Chloe Bell, Daniel Hummel, Travis Eggink, Carl Glyde

Pōtiki Poi

As a fundraiser for an upcoming event mother and daughter duo, Pōtiki Poi, made poi and sold them on social media. In one week they made $1000. They are now keen to see if Pōtiki Poi can expand into a business.

Location: Dunedin

Team: Anna Tiatia Fa'atoese Latu, Georgia Tiatia Fa'atoese Latu


EasyLeads helps ‘businesses’ advertise an offer, capture prospects details and follow them up, all in an easy and cost efficient way.

Location: Wellington

Team: Daniel Tait, Thomas Foster


Luprio want to improve rehabilitation for patients with a back injury. ACC had 360,000 active claims for back or spine injuries in 2018 at a cost of $480M, and this is just in New Zealand. Luprio aim to equip New Zealand’s 4000 registered Physiotherapists with wearable technology that improves patient form during out-of-clinic contact hours.

Location: Auckland

Team: Will Sturme, Hayden Reeves, James Carrington

Wolfgang Creative

Wolfgang Creative is a Culture and Development Agency. Their point of difference in the current market is that they intend to offer customers a systematic review of their unique organisational needs before offering tailored employee engagement advice, initiatives and programmes.

Location: Dunedin

Team: Kirby-Jane Hallum, Ben Hutchison

Crisis Management

Utilising recycled materials Crisis Management want to create a weatherboard alternative. Their product will be differentiated by the origin of the materials and it's ease of assembly. They believe they can overcome a slight increase in cost due to savings in assembly, allowing them to be competitive in the market.

Location: Waikato

Team: Namrah Siddiqui Carpio, Callum Macdonald, Chun Ho Tse (Leo), Jiabao Zhao (Bao)


ROPLUST is a domestic plastic recycling unit, it provides the household with individual plastic processing capability by shredding any plastic products into small pallets, making it compactable into dense packaging for further commercial processing or easy recycling. 

Location: Waikato

Team: Ksenia Kruchkina, Denis Danilov

Skillable NZ

Skillable NZ is an employment agency that specifically targets shopping centre management, for medium to small centres who do not have the time to recruit or don't want the risk of hiring. 

Location: Tauranga

Team: James Arrowsmith, Greer Hill, Maddy Dryland, Rob Kumeroa

Return to Sender

Return to Sender is a reusable packaging distribution channel for conscious brands and conscious consumers.

Location: Blenheim

Team: Danijel Duvnjak, Matt Barker, Tatiana Harper, Shereen Chia


Robo-Kai intends to enhance the fresh fast-food service, by combining robotic and other technologies to the process and customer experience.

Location: Waikato

Team: Ben HaugheyMatt Gatchell
Richard Upperton

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