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NZ Startup Bootcamp 2018 highlights

NZ Startup Bootcamp was previously known as Innes48 (the largest business startup competition in New Zealand). We have changed the event’s name to one that more broadly reflects what the market wants.

The bootcamp was developed as a community event to spark innovation and provide a rapid learning and feedback based environment for entrepreneurs. The event sees hundreds of applicants and over 80 top contestants and 20 teams chosen to compete. NZ Startup Bootcamp is set to see over 300 people attend both the opening and closing events.

Check out the video for highlights of last year’s event and read the quotes below for some insight.

"Innes48 creates opportunities for people to test out the waters safely in terms of entrepreneurial activity. Am I an entrepreneur? Do I have what it takes? Do I have a passion to do this?

“Some of the businesses that roll out of here will become businesses in their own right.”

- Roanne Parker, Founder of Calibrate Digital Marketing

“The things that you guys are teaching them is not what you can pay for. I don’t think there’s any course out there that you can learn these things from, so I think it’s really powerful that you can offer this to people.”

- Emily Heazlewood, Founder & CEO of Romer App

“I don’t see any other way that you can create this type of learning experience other than running an event like this and obviously for Hamilton and the wider Waikato region it’s just phenomenal that these teams that come through have the opportunity to do this in their backyard. I think it’s a formula that really can’t be replicated any other way.

“By creating this environment, giving this timeframe and giving them this level of support and guidance to actually work their way through the process is enormous. If nothing else, it’s a learning opportunity.”

- Ali Grigg, Director of Blue Vista Consulting

“You can go to university and get a degree in a particular technical discipline, but what this opportunity actually teaches you is the ability to take that tactical knowledge and translate it into your business and to test that really quickly and refine that business proposition.”

- Rob Heebink, R & D Executive of Gallagher Group Ltd

“We learnt really quickly here to fail fast. We’ve got 1000 ideas but probably only one of them is good. We’ve just learnt that any question is a good question. Our mentors have so much information and every time we talk to them it’s like we haven’t even thought about what they say.”

- Kate Spence, 2018 Participant

“I think entrepreneurship has become a career path, not just here, but around the world and I think young New Zealanders don’t really want to go and into a primary industry business. The opportunity to learn how to entrepreneur is really important and people have differing opinions about whether entrepreneurship is really a discipline or if it’s just something you do because you’re passionate and I think actually there are things to learn.”

- Hal Josephson, Founder of MediaSense

“It’s interesting to see how everyone has their own little story of how they got to where they are. It shows that there’s not just two or three different roads, there’s 10, 15, 20, it’s unlimited, of ways that you can get somewhere. You just really need to pull yourself back and realise that there’s no such thing as the right or wrong way, it’s which way works better for the right person.”

- Brandon Hutcheson, Co-founder and CEO of Aware Group

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