The Team Behind NZ Startup Bootcamp

The Team Behind

NZ Startup Bootcamp


FULL WEEKEND: 27 – 29 March 2020


JUDGES ARRIVAL TIME: 12pm Sunday 29 March. Meet Anna Devcich & Erin Wansbrough at Soda Reception on Level 2 of Wintec House, Nisbet St, Hamilton. 

PARKING: Free parking for Judges is in the Wintec Staff Car Park Building on Nisbet Street. This can be accessed off Ward Street (opposite The Warehouse building and beside the PwC building). You can park anywhere in the building that does not have a company or reserved sign.

JUDGES LUNCH: 12.30pm at Mr Pickles (our CEO Erin will walk you over to Mr Pickles from the Wintec Atrium).

SEATING: Judge seating during the Closing Ceremony is at the front of the Wintec Atrium.

JUDGE'S ROOM: The Judges room is Boardroom 1 - Level 2 Wintec House. This is where you will read the 20 business models and choose the top 6. 

JUDGE'S LIAISON: Anna Devcich - 021 535 515



INTERNET ACCESS: SODA (password: sodaatmeteor)

PHOTO & FILM: Judges agree to being photographed and filmed during this event. 


New Idea: Participants have an idea and have used this event to get the idea out of their head and on to paper, test it, validate it and see if it's any good. 

Startup: These participants have a startup that is in market (or is soon to be in market) and are not sure what they are doing and want feedback.


*All teams have formed before the weekend begins. Some are business partners - others may have formed a t team simply for the weekend.*



Stage 1 (3.00-6.00pm): Review deliverables from 20 teams and select three teams from each category to present. On average you will have 9 minutes to review each submission.

Stage 2 (7.15pm-8.40pm): Watch top 6 Teams pitch and ask questions after each pitch. Each team has 5 minutes to present their opportunity and Judges have 8 minutes to ask questions. 

Stage 3 (8.40pm-9.10pm): Judges head back upstairs to deliberate on who will win each category. During this time, the people's choice is voted on in the Atrium. 


  • In the event of a fire, the alarm will sound. Please make your way directly out of the venue via the fire exit doors on to the courtyard. Please wait on the courtyard for further instructions from the fire warden.

  • A Soda team member is the designated fire warden on site until midnight.  From midnight until 6 am there will be an on-site security guard in the venue who will take over the role of fire warden until 6 am when a Soda team member will return.

  • In the event of a medical emergency, please tell the onsite Soda team member or security guard and call 111.

  • Wintec is a non-smoking campus and therefore all guests must smoke off-site (at the bottom of the courtyard stairs to the street). 

  • All accidents or near misses must be reported immediately to a Soda staff member who will then contact the Wintec Venues Team to ensure it is properly reported and recorded.

  • The Wintec venues team, Wintec security and members of Soda staff are trained in first aid. There are first aid kits on site.

  • Wintec also has an on-site 24-hour security guard that can be contacted in an emergency. If you feel unsafe walking to your car, please don’t hesitate to contact them.

  • Laptop and other cables are to be placed out of the way of foot traffic.

  • On Sunday 29th March, at 5.35pm just after Soda Inc. NZ Startup Bootcamp ends. The Soda team will be doing a venue set up in the Atrium to get ready for the evening presentation. At 5.35pm all participants must gather all their belongings and leave the main Atrium area as quickly as possible so that the set up can commence.  Due to health and safety regulations, no one must not re-enter the room until the setup is complete.

  • All Emergency contact numbers will be displayed in the Atrium foyer area next to the phone.

Weekend Schedule

Download Below // Subject to Changes 

Weekend Schedule



Fri 27th March, 5.35pm - 6.30pm

Compulsory for all participants // Wintec Atrium // Facilitated by Anna & Georgia Tiatia Fa'atoese Latu


Sat 28th March, 8am - 8.30am

Compulsory for at least 1 member of each team // The Long Room // Facilitated by Richard Chadderton


Sat 28th March, 10am - 10.30am

Compulsory for at least 1 member of each team // The Long Room // Facilitated by Kale Panoho


Sat 28th March, 3pm - 3.30pm 

Compulsory for at least 1 member of each team // The Long Room // Facilitated by Natalie Coombe


Sun 29th March, 8am - 8.30am 

Compulsory for at least 1 member of each team // The Long Room // Facilitated by Elly Strang   

Mentor Approach

  • MENTOR APPROACH: Mentors are not scheduled with specific teams. This year we have a diverse range of teams with varied skills and their business is at varied stages.  Mentors job is to listen and advise teams on their journey to developing an innovative model, supporting them in validation and asking questions that help them clarify their offer. From their industry knowledge, they will also be letting them know about competing business models and help challenge their thinking. ​

  • SPEAKER MENTORING: After the opening ceremony on Friday, the guest speakers will have scheduled time with each team.​

  • FEEDBACK ON DELIVERABLES: Teams submit draft deliverables on Saturday night at 10.30pm. Teams will receive feedback on these Sunday morning. We usually select four mentors who has the job of ensuring feedback is given to all 20 teams.


  • Please use  #NZStartupBootcamp in all social media posts if you are posting content

  • Please feel free to share posts by Soda & NZ Startup Bootcamp social media channels through your personal and company channels

  • Be available for press interviews on Sunday evening

  • Spread the word about how great Soda Inc NZ Startup Bootcamp is!


 Downloadable for your reference

Teams must submit these to by the timelines laid out in the run-sheet. As a judge, this is what you will be reading to determine who the top three are in each category; Best New Idea and Best Startup. 

Page limits will be issued for each written deliverable, only the first pages in the pack provided inside these limits will be presented to the judges. 

One Page 

Business Summary



Judges Criteria

 Download Below

You will be using these guidelines to judge the deliverables submitted by teams to determine who will make the Top 6 and who will win each category; Best New Idea and Best Startup. 

Stage 1 - New Idea Category Judging Criteria

Stage 1 - Existing Startup Category Judging Criteria

Stage 2 - New Idea Category Judging Criteria

Stage 2 - Existing Startup Category Judging Criteria


Thank you for volunteering to be a judge for the Soda Inc. NZ Startup Bootcamp. This event has been developed with the aim of encouraging and inspiring entrepreneurs to progress their startup or take an innovative idea and turn it into a business reality. 

This page contains information to help you have the most positive experience possible during the Soda Inc. NZ Startup Bootcamp. It includes schedules and other information to ensure that your experience is enjoyed.

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